My Sweet Sensitive Calvin

Calvin is a sensitive little boy. He is very emphatic towards others and will get teary from watching a sad movie scene or hearing a verbal statement that Batman’s parents were killed

Sometimes, I worry that he will get teased next time because he tears up easily. I am just the same except I’m a girl and it’s more socially accepted when I cry. When i get angry, so much emotion overwhelm me that I’ll start to cry and that makes me feel embarrassed. I can see Calvin trying so hard to hold back those feelings of frustration and anger and keep in control.

He also gets worried about many things… like dying and how much trouble a time machine will be if it changes history. I wonder who he inherited that from *innocent whistle*

Before his second karate lesson, he was feeling nervous about it since the sensei can be more strict than he is used to. To be honest, he rarely had any classes where people constantly points out his mistakes. He has a fear of failure that I’m hoping I can ease. He used to get really upset if I correct him and I have been careful ever since to commend his efforts instead of outcome, but sometimes I wonder if there are times when I’m not careful enough.

When we told him about his summer camp at Greer, where he has to go by himself in a schoolbus, he admitted he was scared and worried that he won’t get the right answers. “Silly little bear,” we told him, “if you knew everything, you wouldn’t need to go to a school/ classes” Then we told him about our own first times: being by myself in the Singapore hostel, papa going to the army; how the other children are probably feeling the same thing. He calmed down and ate his dinner and was alright after that. He went to karate lessons and seem to have enjoyed himself better this time. Maybe the shock of not doing flying kicks has worn off and had time to sink in. But he doesn’t have a single aggressive bone in him. When the sensei asked him to throw a punch at her so she can demonstrate how the block works, he would try to punch her arm that was already blocking above her head instead of at her. It’s hard for a sweet little boy like him to even contemplate hurting someone.


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