Core Strength

Ever since Calvin has a baby, he has had low muscle tone. He was the baby who sits W-shaped all the time because his muscles were not strong enough to support himself sitting otherwise. I guess I should have corrected him earlier. He crawled only at 12 months (corrected age 10 months, at the end of normal range), walked unassisted at 18 months (16 month corrected age, also at the end of normal range) but only jumped with two feet (way past the normal range >_<)

I mentioned that his karate sensei said he needed to practice hopping. As I did research, I realized that poor balance is actually related to core muscle strength.  His gymnastic classes were a really great help these last two years. He is now able to walk across a low beam with confidence and we also practiced standing on one foot and doing crab walks/ wheel barrow. We’ve since stopped it on his request so I’m trying to find other fun activities to do so he can continue to work those muscles. Well I might get J to do it too since he slouches and had trouble balancing on one foot for 15 seconds (think he managed it in the end? Can’t remember). It might help strengthen his back too and prevent further injuries.

I’m trying to fine some fun ideas that doesn’t sound too much like exercise. Maybe a spy training camp that incorporates these?

Snake  curl  ups
Children  lie  on  backs  with  knees  bent  and  an  object  or  piece  of  paper  etc  between  knees  to  keep  them
together  with  hands  on  thighs.  As  the  “snake  charmer”  says,  the  “snake”  sits  up  to  being  hands  to  knees
without  letting  object  drop
Lying  on  bellies  and  lifting(straight)  arms  and  legs  off  the  ground,  think  quality  of  movement  as  opposed  for  length  of  time
Get  children  to  lie  on  their  backs  and  pull  their  legs  towards  their  chests,  tuck  their  heads  in  and  hold
their  legs  with  their  arms,  then  POP  and  put  arms  and  legs  out  straight  for  as  long  as  possible
.  Making  sure  we  take  breaths and  keep  head  off the  ground!3  seconds  to  start  off.
Scooter Boarding
Animal Walks
Wheelbarrow walking
Plank (Plank ball – In plank position, pass ball with one hand or head butt, Plank wars)
Tree position
Picking something up with beanbag on head
Hula Hoop

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