Times of Aggravation

Though most of the time, I feel that he is a little sweet angel, there are also times when the aggravating or worrying things happen all at once and I wonder if I have not been teaching him properly. I guess all kids have things that worry their parents. I just need to vent a little before I go crazy.

Treasuring his possessions (Not)

He has been getting a lot of Lego sets this year from us because I have gotten some really good deals and I couldn’t resist buying him something he enjoys. From January, he has received Emmet’s Mech (from the January Target Sale), Chima Chi Bird (good deal from Walmart.com), a small Knights ambush set (paid with mostly free bucks from Kmart) and the Ultra Agents set (a good deal from Kmart due to free bucks and ended up with a profit after selling one of the minifigs). While it is great looking at his overjoyed face when he receives a present, I think the influx of Lego has diluted the value of each one. He doesn’t give a hoot when the pieces break, his display shelf looks more like a junkyard to store parts so he doesn’t have to clean up. And having more seems to bring out his materialism, he has been telling me that “I want to buy this…. and that” after playing with them in school i.e. Lincoln logs (with lots of chimney pieces pls), Mr Potato, action figures, the minifig that I sold off and this did not give to him etc… And then on the last day of summer camp at kindergarten, he came home and was acting all suspicious about something in his backpack. He brought it into his room and didn’t want to me to see the contents. In the end, it turned out that he took one of the Lego pieces back from his school classroom because it was in a color he didn’t have – it was black and the one he had was grey. I was taken aback as this was the first time he wanted something so much that he took it with him even though he knew it wasn’t right. We had a big talk about why we shouldn’t do that etc and agreed that we needed to bring it back. I’m surprised though because when we went to the library’s block party, he seem to understand that we don’t bring those home.

So we’ve decided not to give him anything until his birthday and Christmas (though we don’t really care about Christmas….) even though I’ve stocked up a big bunch of Lego that were too good to pass up. Maybe I’ll resell them for profits instead)

Following Instructions (Not)

That same day, he picked some flowers home from his summer camp and said he wanted to give it to me and papa. Later he admitted that the teachers told him he shouldn’t pick it “because there may be bugs”. He thought to himself that his flowers look very small and doesn’t look like it’ll have bugs so he sneaked it into his backpack. As he described it to me, he sounded so proud and excited that he managed to get away with it. I find it frustrating when I instruct him not to do something and he does it anyway because he thinks he knows better. It makes it hard for me to trust that he will follow rules that are set for good reason. Like when I told him not to touch the blender while I went to get his cup, he immediately fiddled with it.

Using words to clarify/ convey meaning (Not)

Or when I told him to check if the rain is splashing into his room from the window. After the first two times I said it, he went off to close the balcony door. When I said it another time thinking he didn’t hear it, he just stared at me blankly. Then finally, he said ok, ran to his room and started looking through his book. When I finally asked him if he knew what I was talking about, he said he didn’t. I thought it was clear enough but I would have been happy to explain what he needed to do if he would just let me know that he didn’t understand.

Waking up in the middle of the night

Waking up is fine, but waking up and calling for me so he can see my face is not. Tonight, he woke up and started to cry and complained that it is so boring. It is sleep time after all….I’d be more worried if it was exciting. I suddenly remembered him at age 2 when he would sometimes wake up and start crying inconsolably. Getting close to him during those times would earn me a kick or punch. I wish he was a better sleeper. And I wish he would remember to go to the bathroom when he actually wakes up.


One Response to “Times of Aggravation”

  1. e* Says:

    What happened to minimalistic toys? 😉
    Re: taking stuff, don’t worry too much about it. I remember doing it once too, when I was also about 6 or 7 (so maybe that is the age?)… I really Really REALLY liked a little deer figurine at my grandma’s house, and so I just took it without telling/asking anyone, because I was afraid they would say no.

    My dad discovered it, and was quite stern about it and marched me over to my cousins/aunts and told me to return it – super embarrassing!! My cousins/aunts were very undestanding and said I could take it, but it was still mortifying. And since then, I’ve never taken anything, and didn’t turn out to be a thief etc. – so I guess don’t worry too much about it.


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