Summer Days Drifting Away…

The summer days are passing quickly. There is just so much I would like to do. On the bright side, my life is never boring.It only suddenly occur to me that I need to actively think about my priorities. I’m sure I’ve subconsciously done that already but not enough that I can say I’ve made a choice to ignore activity A for activity B. I can understand how overwhelming that must be for a little guy like how Calvin who doesn’t even have a good concept of time, much less the idea of prioritizing. He is always lamenting when it is time for bed when there are still so many exciting activities he wants to pursue.

So I’ve pared down my priorities to basically:

1. Calvin: Spend time bonding and teaching him values, social skills and Chines. Allow plenty of outdoor time, preferably at least 1 hr per day. When school starts, help him get adjusted to formal schooling.

2. J: Support him in job search and thesis where possible.

I’ve toned down on my deal hunting to penny-pinch since we usually spend little enough that the time expenditure isn’t worth it, but I may give up on it all together. We may end up eating more commercially prepared food. Or I’ll need some simpler recipes that are not as time consuming. Whatever compromises that will be made, it makes it much less frustrating for me when I know specifically what I’m trading off for. I know for sure that getting less sleep is not on the cards since I get all cranky and snappy and not at all happy with myself for being that way.


That said, we’ve been spending a lot of time outside playing with the girl downstairs. We haven’t seen Calvin’s best buddy for a while since they left for California but last week, we’ve played with our neighbour lots especially the days when I helped to pick her up from school. Their latest favorite: monster tag. Much more fun for the grownups than the original monster game at least.

Once a week, we also go to the library and get our stash of books renewed. I am so in love with the library here! To be able to put holds for all our favorite books and have a 75 book limit is absolutely heavenly! It really lets us try out a lot of books we would not normally have borrowed. I would really miss it if we go back to Singapore and be limited to 8 books per person and an expensive fee for each hold you place.

Every day, we also learn Chinese words and practice writing. I’ve come up with lots of new games to make the learning more exciting and he has been picking up lots of new Chinese words and is comfortable enough to speak some Chinese even in front of strangers. We are now up to at least 125 characters recognized. I wonder how many more we can do before school starts.

He attends weekly karate lessons and clay lessons. We’ve stopped going for the nature class since we’ve already explored the past few parks. He really enjoys the clay class since the teacher is really patient and good with the children.

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