Things You Never Knew Had to Be Taught

Sometimes I’m amazed that skills we take for granted needs to be explicitly taught to kids. At least mine needs specific guidance on social skills. Like the other day, he woke me up at 5am because he had a small wet spot on his bed. Somehow I couldn’t fall back asleep and woke up  at around 6:30am. Calvin was still asleep. He finally woke up at 7am to find me outside at the computer and was upset, as usual because he had planned to wake up before I do and do this and that. I started to tell him (once again) that he can control his own action and reactions but not those of other people. I tried to give an example this time since he wasn’t convinced the past few times. I said “Imagine if I said, I’m planning for it to be a sunny day today. I can’t control the weather, so I will probably be disappointed quite often”.  Then a lightbulb moment appeared and I continued, “But….I might say I plan to play if it is sunny; if it rains, I’ll play inside”. He was instantly pleased and went off to make plans of his own for the day.


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