Learning Math – Montessori Inspired

We’ve been neglecting his math a bit and I thought I would be doing him a disservice since he is so into building and science and math would be indispensable.

Sometimes I give him word problems to work on counting and addition/ subtraction within 10, sometimes with his snacks or just in the car to pass the time. Today, we also practiced writing letters in a tray of colored salt so I can help correct his strokes.

I would like to be a little more organized and systematic and decided to try out some of the Montessori ideas. I don’t really want to spend money on special teaching materials like the golden beads and stamp game etc so we’ll have to make do with Lego and some homemade tools. Right now I’m introducing number cards to him to teach him what 100s and 1000s look like. After that, we’ll try working on a hundred board if I can finally get myself to make one and arithmetic using the stamp game.

P.S: Yay, effort spent on making the cards paid off as he seems to have gotten the hang of what a string of numbers actually mean. Like how 58 means fifty eight or 234 means two hundred and thirty four. He used to read them as a string of unrelated numbers.


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