First Day of Kindergarten

It is the first day of school. The child is excited to be meeting new friends. She has been asking to go to school for years. She walked and perhaps even bounced with her mother to the new school nearby, wearing her new uniform and a checkered bag filled with plastic crockery that will be used during snack time. She marveled at the school – it had a roundabout, a big swing and plenty of grassy field to run in. Then her mother said goodbye and turned to leave. The child burst into tears.

So that was me almost 30 years ago and today, Calvin had his first day of official kindergarten. While Calvin was excited just like I was, the difference is that we had a joyful goodbye before he got on the school bus. He carried a backpack laden with spare clothes and his lunch bag.

Me and J went to meet him for lunch and it seems like he had a good time. His teachers love his silly cuteness. He played with some new friends though he did told us rather ruefully that he is slower than the other boys in his class when they were running at the playground. He spent his second recess “policing” S, the kid who erased his journal entry, who was climbing up the slide even though they are not supposed to ( I think?) He also said that he had a hard time staying still when they were on the mat.

I’m still not super convinced that he will eat much of the school lunch (except  the chocolate milk, bread and sweet fruit cups). On the other hand, I don’t want him to have to look on enviously as other kids eat the school lunches (mostly they eat all the sweet stuff and ignore the rest :0[ ). For now, I’ll pack his lunch and maybe he can have one day of the week going through the lunch line.



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