Standing up for Himself

For the first time, I have absolutely no idea what happens to Calvin at school. It’s slightly unnerving when he comes back with stories about how other kids make him upset but it seems we have prepared him sufficiently. I’ve always worried about him being bullied in school since he is smaller, of a minority race and likes to be by himself. I mean he was already picked on at 3 years old precisely because of that.

Yesterday, he told him one of his classmates grabbed him by his neck and he told him firmly “Stop it” and the teachers were alerted and came to get the boy to stop. When the notorious S pushed him off the slide, he went and reported to the teacher. I’m trying to ask him to resolve the issue first by perhaps telling S that he shouldn’t push before running off to the teachers so he won’t come off as a tattle tale. I am glad though that he had learned to shout “Stop” at the offenders (by practicing lots on his spiky attacking papa) and show them that he will not quietly accept their wrongdoings.  (P.S. S is the boy who erased Calvin’s journal writing at kindercamp. Thankfully, they are not in the same class but they do share the same recess time)

If nothing else, we are training to run faster. That should come in handy if he has to make a run for it. >_<  Well, maybe more for fitting into groups when they play games.


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