School Update

Calvin just started his third week of school. He seems generally happy and well adjusted in school. Though there were some days that make me worry like when he came home saying that it was a bad day and he wished he could jump off a building. It was rather alarming to hear it but we concluded that he probably meant that he felt so embarrassed he wished he would disappear. After waiting a day for him to cool off, I finally managed to coax out of him that it was because he was trying to climb up the side of the playground boat and a teacher told him he shouldn’t because it’s dangerous. He had seen another kindergartener done it before and was duly impressed. He also mentioned that he spent the most of that recess worrying, presumably about whether he would make another mistake.

Well that’s my Calvin – easily mortified by the mere thought of making a mistake. On a separate occasion, I was upset with him because he had once again torn his nails while playing Lego and did not let me know about it. I told him I’m upset because he tried to keep it from me instead of letting me know so I can try to help. I’ve promised him before that I would not be mad if he is upfront with me about his mistakes. After that, he looked rather dejected and said that he feels so dumb and stupid. After I brainwashed counseled him about how mistakes are for learning and how famous inventors make more numerous mistakes than others, he seem mollified.

Back to the things that worry me in school, there is also the case of this kid in class, JS, whom Calvin says always gets in trouble for not following instructions. JS once grabbed him by the neck and recently pushed Calvin down because he wanted a toy that Calvin was playing with. Calvin hit the back of his head on the carpeted floor and the teachers brought him to the school nurse. He seemed to be fine.

This week, he also tried out the school lunch though he seem to have missed out the fruits and vegetables and said he was hungry when he came home. I’m not a big fan of the school lunch even though it is free and would save me a lot of work. One day a week, he gets to have school lunch and gets the chocolate milk treat that he has been coveting.

P.S: Once again, I have forgotten to take a picture of the lunchbox I packed for him =_= Next time I’ll update about my bento adventures 😛


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