Now that I have more free time to work on upkeep of the house. I’ve been attacking the piles of clutter we’ve accumulated, like maybe about 1 year too late? Ideally, we would have pared down our belongings last year before we moved and saved ourselves a lot of work packing, moving and unpacking. In fact, I’ve recently sold a number of things that we’ve carted over from our last apartment that has never been used ever since. As they move on to new homes, I feel a sense of satisfaction that they are going to be used as they should be. The space that they were claiming seem liberated of the mustiness that clings onto old, disused items.

After reading the Maire Kondo book, I did change my perspective about the things we own. I don’t subscribe to her overhaul of things, but I was able to let go of things that do not ‘spark any joy’ like old shirts that I don’t like any more but refused to throw away because they are not in tatters and can still be worn. So finally I’d rid of some old hand me downs from my sister which I thought I might one day wear (I wore it for about 1 hr because it irritated me in some way over the course of 4 years)

For a person who would keep a piece of string just in case, it’s a big step and I’m glad I’ve taken it.

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