The Timid Driver

So I’ve been driving for 8 months now. I’m still nervous when I drive to unknown places or when I have to go on a new highway with lots of traffic, has the usual 60 mph speed limit (as opposed to the 40mph one that passes my usual stores).

Calvin has a field trip to the apple orchard next week. I’m not exactly comfortable driving up that bumpy mountain road or cutting across the highway to get to the exit etc. So I thought I wouldn’t go. I remembered that in the elementary school where I was volunteering before, they went to the museum that was an hour’s drive away. At this rate, I probably won’t be able to go with him on field trips even if I wanted to. Well, the question is, do I really want to be there supervising a bunch of kindergartners? I’m not so sure, but I guess I felt a little bad to disappoint my little man.


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