Preparing for a Move… ?????

Somehow when I’m occupied, the blog is the first to get neglected. Well, that and sleep….. except sleep is more important. I’ve been reading a lot which is nice. I haven’t really sat down and devoured books like that since secondary school? I don’t quite remember if I was still reading voraciously in JC since there is usually so much going on.

J had an interview last week and the HR personnel asked if he could be ready to start work next week?!? It was ridiculous of course since we would definitely need time to process work visas etc but that somehow kick started the realization that we really would be leaving soon-ish. I got into a frenzy thinking about how we are going to move our things and have been planning to work harder decluttering now so the eventual move would not be as harrowing. We will be tossing all our furniture anyway so it’ll basically be clothes and toys….lots and lots of toys. At least some of the oldest ones have already been liquidated…

Well, we should still have some time though the planner in me is as usual making plans 🙂

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