Chinese has taken a back seat recently as I struggle with how to continue to teach him. I would so love to have a huge library of Chinese books that we can read as an avenue to improve his language mastery but that is not to be. We were working through character recognition over the summer and I felt that Calvin’s Chinese has really improved. We just started on Book 3 of 四五快读 when kindergarten began. When he finished learning the 200th word, I was starting to wonder if we should continue on learning characters in this manner because it was time consuming and requires us to spend some time every day revising words. He has precious little time after school and I am loathed to put more academic demands on him.

I decided that perhaps I should find out what his goals are for Chinese and work from there. To my surprise, he wants to improve his reading. He wants to be able to read the 巴巴爸爸 (Barbapapa translated to Chinese) books all by himself. These are his favorites and  a few days ago, we realized that he can already read about 60-70% of the characters in it. I am glad to see that his is proud of his reading prowess so we will focus more on reading. I was actually expecting him to want to improve his conversation skills so he can speak to the other Chinese speaking children better but I guess those kids usually learn to speak English anyway, just like his friends in school.

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