Listening Ear

I am thankful that Calvin is such a sensitive and sweet little boy. He really tries his hardest to listen and follow what we say. I am often surprised that he remembers words I said from more than a day ago.

Yesterday night, he took his water bottle out from his room because the bottle spilled the morning before and I said we shouldn’t have the bottle in his room.

When his teacher assistant was leaving in a few days, Calvin told us he was excited because she was leaving and they were getting a treat and also because the fire engine was visiting on the same day. He said he didn’t like the teacher that much. We told him that while it is ok to not like her, if she hears that you are excited to see her leave, she will feel hurt. We have been teaching him about how we should behave when being honest hurts someone’s feelings. The next day, while we were playing in the backyard, he told me “I’m excited about tomorrow because the fire engine is coming. I distract myself by being excited about that instead”

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