My Tender Hearted Child

During lunch, Calvin suddenly told me that he wasn’t feeling so good today. I asked if it was his body not feeling good or is it a heart not feeling good kinda thing. He said it was a feeling feeling. After a long session of probing and backward story telling, I finally found out that at school yesterday, one of his classmates, A,  asked him a few times to play at the big playground. Calvin was having fun with his best buddies, C and T so he didn’t feel like playing this other boy’s game. Later, when it was time to go home, he saw that that other boy, A, looking sad. He asked A what was wrong and A burst into tears and was trying to tell him something through all the sobbing. Calvin couldn’t tell what he was saying but felt bad that maybe he had made the boy sad by rejecting him. My poor little tender-heart started bawling too.

Later during the day, he misunderstood what I said and thought I was upset with him. Feeling wronged, he started getting angry and said his usual “Then I’ll never listen to you again.” or “Then I’m leaving this home”. When we explained that those are not nice words to say to your loved ones because they hurt them, he started crying again. I feel so lucky and relieved that we have a son who is capable of such empathy and kindness. He is my sweet little man and I hope that won’t ever change.

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