Teacher Conference

We had his first kindergarten conference this week. I have to say that even though the school scores poorly on the greatschool ranking – in fact, 2 of 10, we really like the school a whole lot. The facilities are good, the teachers are enthusiastic and work really hard. They really put in effort to help the kindergartners get integrated with a 4 day camp in summer. His teacher Miss M and her assistants went and visited every household right before school started to talk to the parents. Apparently his classes are roughly grouped by how well the kids work together so after that debacle with S who erased all of Calvin’s work, Calvin was moved to another class where he did not have to see S again.

Reading: Calvin has already exceeded goals since he is starting to read independently.

Math: Still needs some work counting past the decades hurdle i.e. he needs help telling what comes after 19, 29, 39 etc

They haven’t started addition yet but his addition and subtraction within 10 is pretty solid. He is resistant to continue addition beyond for now.

Writing: Writing is the part where he needs more practice. He wrote a whole page of robot letters for his teacher when she tried to assess him >_< There are still many letters where he uses the incorrect strokes and he will often revert to a pronate grasp instead of the proper tripod grip. Many letters still suffer from inversion but we’re slowly converting some of them.

I was so worried about his handwriting, I gave him an eye test yesterday on the computer. Looks like his vision is fine for now? His drawings are getting more realistic and his handwriting more legible in our joke of the day copy work.


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