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T – 6 Days

January 9, 2016

In about 6 days, we will begin our new adventure in another state. Today J is having his thesis defense and I have this jittery feeling in my stomach.

Recently,  as I was reading about ADHD, I realized that when I was young, I might have ADHD except I was the inattentive type which is not as commonly diagnosed if my parents even know about ADHD at that time. Anyway, it didn’t affect me too negatively perhaps because I have a wide ranging interest so most learning did not fall into the boring category which I have the most difficulty with (I did have great trouble with a not that hard Econs 101 course. I really did find that incredibly boring) I probably benefited from the hyperfocus, which until recently I thought was something everyone could do, since I seem to have directed it at studying and learning.  I remember coming out from a math exam having the feeling that I barely noticed anything other than the problems I had to solve. I seemed to have shut off everything else – including awareness of my surroundings, during that time I felt like I slipped into a flow state and it felt

It does help explain the endless careless mistakes I make in my work and exams; how I feel unable to write an essay on something that bores me (in fact, I’ve tried a few times in exams only to toss out two pages of my work and start all over on a more difficult but challenging topic)  It still happens to me now when I read – whether it’s a novel, manga or just random research topics of interest to me right now.

Well, the scary thing is, I think Calvin is showing some signs of inattentive ADHD as well, but hopefully my worries will be unfounded.  Well, no matter the cause or result, we will just have to find a way to deal with it.