A New School

Calvin started school this week. The administrative portion was surprisingly efficient. We got the school assignment one day after I turned in the paper work, on Saturday morning. He seems to be comfortable at school. He has declared, on the first day, that his teacher, Miss C, is the best teacher he ever had. Even better than his old K teacher, Miss M, who is in turn better than his preschool teacher, Miss P. (I really like his preschool teacher, but I guess kids think differently). Coincidentally, they also rank the same way in terms of age – his current teacher being the youngest and his preschool teacher the oldest. Perhaps a connection there?

He has made a couple of friends so far and has been joining in the boys’ running around, secret base tag game. They would also start piling up on the spiral slide and the playground teacher had to “give them a break”. Calvin melted down from that, in a rather uncharacteristic manner. He would usually get upset but today was unusually angry and combative (taking about taking revenge etc). It might be just tiredness combined with the stress of adjusting to a new school, making new friends and learning new routines. After he calmed down and I explained the need for safety rules, he kinda accepted it and we had fun with the playground all to ourselves.

He does seem pretty anxious about unexpected events in school. For example. he got worried about the mustache day that is happening tomorrow. We assured him that he doesn’t have to do it if he doesn’t want to. But let’s make some anyway in case he changes his mind. And then he was bemoaning that they need to do skip rope for PE on Friday and he doesn’t know how. I taught him the basics of swinging the rope and then jumping over it while it is stationary. I guess with practice that will help him get into the rhythm of doing a proper skip. When I was younger, I actually could not skip with two feet. I would do the running style of skipping and at first end up moving forward way too much because I couldn’t even run in place while skipping >_< I am so not athletic, so I understand his feelings of fear and frustration all too well.

All in all, it was a pretty good first week for him. I’m getting some extra workout too from walking to school to meet him while he takes the school bus.

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