We decided to give karate another try since his first sensei was a bad fit for him and probably more suited to teaching older kids or adults. I went through many reviews and found a dojo that is reputed to have a fun sensei who is good at engaging the kids. Calvin just went for his second trial session and he indeed had a lot of fun even if I cringe inwardly many times at his inability to get his body to follow what he sees.

This last session, the other helpers had to physically move his body to get him into the right position. I could see from his face that he wasn’t happy about being corrected though I wasn’t sure if it was from being told he’s wrong or discomfort from their not too gentle corrections. I was also proud that he managed to rein in his obvious unhappiness and enjoyed the rest of the class. In fact, when I asked him if he liked the class, he said that he liked it despite his dislike of those corrections. In his words, “my body wasn’t made to move that way”

Anyway, I told him we could practice at home and get better so he won’t need to be corrected. He definitely needs more practice on his sit ups and push ups. Um…guess mum isn’t much of an athletic person so he becomes bookish like me too >_<

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