Boredom in School

Today, I asked Calvin what did he find the hardest when he was in school. I was somewhat expecting maybe some PE item since he is not as physically developed. He said “Sight words”. I was baffled. He should be pretty good at them since he has been reading very fluently.  (Some of the “sight words” are not even true sight words. Like they are learning “three” which can be sounded out phonetically. I thought sight words are the ones that you can’t sound out.) I asked him what he found hard about it. He said, ” We have to trace it, write it, find it, (and many other activities he mentioned) and we do it again and again.” From the tone of his voice, I finally figured it out. I asked, “Is it hard because you already know it and you don’t enjoy repeating it?”

Suddenly, I feel really glad that he is attending half day kindergarten. Their class has an hour of math in the afternoon and they are working on addition within 5. His old school was still doing patterns a week before he left and Calvin would be so bored he started drawing Ninjago comics at the back. At home, he seems very interested in our work with place values. He can tackle addition and subtraction without renaming and we are now trying to work on some addition with renaming. He seems to really understand what the numbers really mean now. Before, he would read 123 as 1, 2,3 but now he can recognize that as one hundred and twenty three. Well, I am biased in that I hope he will be good at math since I loved it so much. Or rather I just don’t want him to hate math because he doesn’t understand it.



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