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Settling into Seattle

April 28, 2016

We’ve been here for 3 1/2 months but it feels like we’ve been here for a long time. I’m so used to our daily routine that it feels like we’ve been doing it since forever.

Every morning, I’d wake up, pack lunchboxes, make breakfast and get everyone ready. Then me and Calvin would walk to school. It’s a 2 mile round trip for me which is exercise that I sorely need.

I’ll get home around 9am and start cleaning up the breakfast things and do some prep for the day’s dinner. Depending on what needs to be done, I’ll make bread or yogurt, or clean up the house (the Mr is unable to tell between hovel mode and clean mode of our house much to my chagrin). Recently there has been more living things in our house that needs taking care of – the plants and tadpoles.  I go out at least twice a week for grocery shopping. Once in a while I go thrift shopping just for the fun of it 😀

Then there’s some time for my own entertainment like reading, which I’ve been doing a lot of, or playing this new MMO. Right now, Calvin only attends half day kindergarten since we would need to pay $300 a month for the extra 3 hours which just felt kinda unnecessary.

The morning quickly goes by, about 3 hours later, I’m back at school to pick Calvin up. He packs a lunchbox and has lunch with his friends and then recess. Sometimes we stay to play a little longer by ourselves so by the time we get home, it’s about 1 pm. Then he gets a little time to unwind before we start on homework. Then more play time or reading time or maybe we dig in our garden for a while and soon it’s 5pm and he gets an hour of screen time while I cook.

Spring Break!

April 13, 2016

The Beach

Spring break started with a record breaking summer like heat. We visited the beach after school one day since it was low tide to see if we could find any tide pools and little creatures. We probably spent a little too long having our picnic lunch because by the time we went down to the beach, there weren’t any tide pools. We might have found some clam burrows because when we dug down the little indents water squirted out at us.

The whole beach was covered in seaweed. We walked around picking up clam shells and spent a long time digging channels for the water to flow through. It was getting really hot so we took a break and headed to the playground where there was some shade. It’s really nice to have a lovely beach 10 minutes drive from our house. We’ll try to head out there again this week during break and try to catch the low tides.

Tadpoles from the Frog Pond

Inspired by a book I was reading, I found a park nearby that had a frog pond. Armed with our net and little bucket that turned out to be leaky, the boys each had a turn (quite a few turns) scooping out tadpoles and other pond life.  I was so busy taking care of the bucket that I only just realized that I didn’t even get to try it out myself! So now we have our own little slice of pond life – more than 20 tadpoles, 3 aquatic snails, 2 water beetles and some unidentified larva. I’m taking the opportunity to work in some science with Calvin esp since he misses out on it in school.

Building a Bivouac

We are also going to try to build a bivouac from sticks soon. We got quite a few sticks today and tried starting on it but I’m totally clueless about knots, so had to take a break from it and continue tomorrow.


Update on School

Calvin is enjoying school. He still hasn’t found any really close friends. The academic portion is a breeze so I’m supplementing with our own math and Chinese lessons.

The kids in his school seem to be from pretty rich families. Over spring break, many were flying off to other states to go Disneyland, Legoland, Florida, Chicago etc. We are just happily chilling out at home >_<