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Summer is Here

July 2, 2016

Summer is finally here. Calvin’s school ended last week. We have been keeping ourselves busy with trips to the library, doing craft/ baking at home and little outings/ playdates. His best friend from Virginia is visiting next week, so we are very excited about that!

Field Day

The week before school ended, they had an olympic themed field day. It was like sports day except totally non-competitive. The kids went round in stations for different games they have learnt in PE. There were also a few free-play stations where they play at the playground, draw with chalk or do circus arts. He’s certainly not the most athletic of kids but I like how their PE program focuses on setting their own goals and improving themselves rather than absolute goals. He certainly needs more core muscle training though. He always gets stitches when he runs which does make running so much more uninviting.

Field Day June2016.png



It’s so nice to be able to get fresh seafood! I had the most delicious crab dinner two weeks ago. About a month ago, we finally made our way to Pike’s Place Market. The soup place we wanted to go had a line that led down three store fronts and the other places were packed too. We decided to buy some takeaway fish and chips and a cooked, dungeness crab and have a picnic instead. That was like really disappointing crab that cost way too much. When Calvin tasted it, he declared that he didn’t like crabs. Luckily, the live crab we bought from a holy-in-the-wall seafood shop run by some Chinese people convinced him otherwise. It was quite an adventure just trying to get the crab in the pot. It was using its claws to grip the sides of the pot so he won’t plunge into the boiling steaming water. Of course we prevailed. And so for the first time ever, I’ve cooked clams, crab and squid. Yay, the repertoire of recipes is increasing!

Seafood Yum Jun2016.png