Summer Camps….

So the one thing we did not do that most kids would have is summer camp. I saw the exorbitant price tag on those things and went all goggle-eyed. The standard rate is about $200 per week for half day camps and $300 for full day. For working parents, I can see the appeal in sending them to camp where they pick up new skills and go on excursions to different places. I’ve even seen stay at home parents send them to camp too to get some time for themselves.

Personally, I’d much rather spend time together and save the money for other things. I was somewhat tempted by the Lego camps that were offered but then two weeks of camp would have been enough money to buy him the Lego Mindstorms set (about $350) which he really wants and then we can tinker with it as much as we want. Of course, that also means I’ll need to upgrade my skills to Lego robotics instructor/ facilitator.

I guess it’s not that different from the enrichment classes that Singaporeans send their kids to. I’m too frugal/ miserly/ stingy to pay for those too….


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