Our last summer was basically all about finishing up J’s thesis so we spent our time playing near our apartment with the kids there.  Unlike the lazy summers of the past, this year, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy and gone on many outings. We still have one more play date, a day trip to Mt Rainier and three days at a resort before summer holiday ends.

What we did:

Hiking: Little Si, Franklin Falls, Discovery Park

Beaches: 4 visits during low tide. I finally saw star fish, sea cucumber, sea anemone in their actual habitat.

3 full days with our friends from Virginia covering Burke Museum, Seattle center, monorail and train ride around town, the zoo and beach.

3 visits to the zoo

2 movies at the theater (I’m cheap so we go for the $1 summer movie)

10 playdates with his best friend (3 @our house, 3 @ the park, 1@ library, 1@beach, 1@school, 1@ Pacific Science museum)

Explored various places of interest nearby (Ballard Locks, Seattle Aquarium, Center for Wooden Boats, Saint Edward, North Acres, Sandel, Salmon Bay, Greenwood)

Practiced his physical skills (dribbling, climbing etc.) I guess it was more of pushing him to challenge himself because he has such little confidence in his physical capabilities and would get scared or discouraged easily. The other day, he found a good climbing tree and wanted to stop after one attempt in which he slid down and got a small scratch on his belly. I put my feet down and refused to leave until he showed some perseverence and tried again. He does need someone to push him into move out of his comfort zone. I tried climbing up myself and was able to give him advice that helped him get up. For that proud beam he had afterwards, it was worth it being mean mum.

I did not forget to assign him daily homework which rotates between Chinese, Math and project/ journal work. I’m trying to keep him caught up on Math in case we return to Singapore, but teaching him Chinese is an uphill task. I’m happy if he can converse fluently.




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