First Week of School

Calvin just had his first 2 days of school. His best buddy is in the same class  and he got the teacher he was hoping to have (because they visited the classroom at the end of kindergarten). Of course, he also has the two Terrors in his class. One of whom is sitting at his desk and been ‘bothering’ him. He enjoyed school nonetheless and has been taking the school bus to and from school.

This year, his school has a no homework policy for all grades because of research that shows that homework for elementary students are not beneficial. I’m not sure I totally agree that they should go without homework, though I’m glad we won’t have to finish those time-consuming and hand-wearying coloring homework. I’ll probably assign him some daily work like we did in summer. He’s supposed to be reaching the end of P1 in Singapore so we are trying to keep up with the work there. His math is pretty ok in that he understands the basic concept of what is going on but he still makes mistakes when adding because he still has to count to add up to numbers bigger than 5. At this age, I’m not so concerned about teaching him to do well in tests but more about getting his foundation strong for the more challenging concepts and problems ahead. Sometimes, I feel that with the prevalence of testing, many teachers end up asking the students to rote learn to get good test scores and it gets in the way of their understanding of the math concept. Kinda like how his other K teacher taught them a song to learn counting by 10. For the longest time, he would sing that song to find out what the next 10 is instead of learning that 30 means 3 tens etc.


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