Since Calvin doesn’t have homework from school, I can happily do other things with him when he comes home. Most of the time, he just dives into his Lego building after having a snack.

I still assign him a short daily homework that he can finish in about 5-10 minutes. It helps to teach him to put in time for homework. He seems to enjoy the work I assign to him since they are at the right level for him and I usually sit with him through it. Some of the homework he got from school sometimes feel more like busywork…. like coloring…… It takes a long time and not always satisfying, especially when your hands are tired and the picture isn’t interesting. I sometimes help him fill in some of it so it can be over and done with.  I think my mum used to help me with my coloring homework too.

Language Arts: Copy work and narration. The copy work is how I’ll be teaching him about punctuation and grammar. I think 1st grade grammar is about learning what are nouns, pronouns and verbs?  His handwriting has improved a lot recently. They are actually within the lines!!!!! Maybe all that practice over summer has paid off.

Math: We are working on improving his arithmetic fluency. Practice is via card games like “Addition”/ “Subtraction” war or some math apps. He has been working on math problems on too which I thought were pretty interesting.

Chinese: He is learning to read using the 基础汉子500 to learn the basic 500 chinese characters. I need to borrow more Chinese books and read it to him!

Reading: We were taking turns reading Captain Underpants together and he could read the passages quite well. That particular book was rated level R which is 4 grade I think.  He hasn’t moved on to reading chapter books on his own though I’m sure he is technically able. I won’t let him read these Dav Pilkey books alone because of all the naughtiness. I felt it was better if we read it together and talked about the behaviour of the characters in the book. Me and Johnny don’t like the books but stopping him from reading it will only make him want to read it more, so we make do by reading it together.

I’m not too worried about his reading since he is a book lover like us. I think it’s more about finding appropriate series of books that he enjoys. I look for a wide variety of books that might be of interest to him. He also picks out more at the library when we go.

I saw in the forums that many parents might do more than that, but I’m just happy that he actually enjoys the work. And if there are other things that he needs to work on, we can put in more time into it. Otherwise, I’m happy to let him enjoy playing after a long day at school.


Crafting Time!






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