Learning on Many Fronts

This morning, one of the bus stop parents asked what I usually do during the day. I replied, “Oh just the usual cleaning and cooking. And I volunteer at school” I guess what I didn’t think to include was that I am also learning. Learning about how to teach from observing the teachers in school, learning about car maintenance (not the actual maintaining, just basic knowledge as a new driver who knows just about nothing), learning about buying and maintaining a new home (since we are thinking of settling here for a while) and wherever my interests bring me.

So far, I haven’t found something that I would sacrifice time and the serenity that comes with a relaxed schedule. I’ve come to really enjoy volunteering at little C’s classroom. I’ve made connections with many of the kids, and I find that I am surprisingly adept at helping two of the special needs kids in his class. I really applaud the Special Ed teachers and his class teacher because it is so hard to give all the kids the attention they need and it takes a lot of patience to connect with them in a meaningful way AND also get the curriculum covered etc. The two special kids J and B seem to have warmed up to me. J will talk to me and was reading quietly to me today. B would ask me to read to him when he sees me. When I work with them, I feel happy that I’ve made their time in school productive and interesting and I feel appreciated by their teachers too since they are able to work with the other kids as well.

I almost thought I would want to work with kids in some manner as a possible career but unfortunately, these jobs don’t pay very well give the amount of commitment needed and what I’d need to do for a career change. In fact, I’m still coming to terms with this me who enjoys being with children and have patience for them. When I was a teen, I was told by friends that I wasn’t very good at teaching. I was impatient and frustrated because¬† I wasn’t able to give good explanations that others understand. My own brain works in a different manner and sees things in perspectives that are strange to others. I still can’t work because of visa issues anyway, so for now, I’ll continue to give my time and explore this newfound side of myself.


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