I’m In Love (with the Library)

When I was considering the differences between the cities I have lived in, the library features strongly in my quality of life there. I really love how user-friendly and relevant the library is here. I can put multiple holds on books and media I want at no cost, being in the city means that range of books available is much wider, they help move books from various branches to the location you want, the hold are placed on a shelf where you can pick it up easily so you won’t even have to approach a librarian to get them! And most of all, the book limit is 50 per person!! Which is perfect when you need to borrow 20-30 books a week for your voracious readers.

So when I thought of returning to S’pore, it seriously depresses me that I would be limited to 8 books per person and holds would cost one nd a half dollars per book. It makes going to the library a bit of a gamble since I may not find the book I want there and sometimes series are incomplete, or I’d have to go to different branches to get what I want. It makes exploring different types of books so much more haphazard and so much less attractive.


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