Christmas 2016

I haven’t been blogging quite enough recently.

We came back from a trip to California to spend time with in-laws. Calvin had a fun time with his cousins, running around having lightsaber battles, pretending to be pirates, playing hair salon (? They took turns being customers etc…), pillow fight against a randomly passing grown-up, snowball fights (where each kid took turns crying at some point), sledding with an inflatable tube, sledding with the deflated tube, and other general snow play.

Next week, Calvin will be having his second round of advanced learning testing by the school district. I guess that means he is moderately advanced but I’m not sure he will really test as gifted at this point. His performance in tests is definitely unstable so I have no idea how he will fare for a 2-3 hour test. He is like me in the careless department =_=; he’ll jump to conclusions on the first answer that looks right instead of checking all the choices. He is certainly advanced verbally but his math abilities needs more work.

He’s such a sweet boy and is trying his very best. I wish he could be more serious about his schoolwork though. I’m not sure if it’s a symptom of boredom but he often gets distracted in school. The bad part though is that he doesn’t do good work either so he can’t get excused from doing the possibly ‘easy’ work since he’s not demonstrating mastery. We’ve been working on recognizing what good work should look like. I have never really taught him about it before and it seems like most things that I thought were obvious has to be explicitly taught. Maybe that’s the case with boys? I think girls seem to pick up on the social aspects of what is expected of them more easily.

He is very accommodating to his friends and cousins and genuinely try to get along with them. During this trip with his cousins, he had a taste of being the oldest and being a leader that the youngest one follows. He was very proud that he “sacrificed” himself to be attacked by pillows so that the others will be safe/ can retaliate even though “it hurts”.

He is also very mortified that he’s “one of the last few to lose a tooth” in his class. He has one very wobbly tooth right now and he’s hoping to “catch up” to his classmates. He was wondering if the tooth fairy would come and mum the practical told him that the tooth fairy is the same as Santa Claus which is to say it’s the parents who does it. I’m just not a romantic about believing that fairies etc drops money/ candy under pillows…



Dec 2016: Building a snow fort in Yosemite


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