Calvin the Romantic Roboticist

Calvin: I need to find some land that no one wants and build my lab there. I’ll do it in Seattle.

Mom: As long as you have money, you can buy whatever land you like.

Calvin: Then I’ll sell my robot first, and build my lab and then build more robots!

Calvin has been talking about building robots to help people like one that can let deaf people hear again or a household robot that does all your chores and he’ll give them away for free! Because he thinks that he’ll get all the parts from the junkyard and won’t have any costs.

We talked about saving up to buy him the Lego Mindstorm kit and he volunteered to pay for half of it since it’s “not fair that it’s for me  but you pay all of it”. We talked about splitting it 3 way instead. I’m really proud of my sensible, sweet and kind boy šŸ™‚

P.S After That, we heard that Lego was launching the new Boost programmable blocks later this year. It looks to have quite a lot of interesting functions and sensors and the programming part looks a lot like Scratch Jr which we have been working on.


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