Enrichment = Feeding on Parental Fears

I’ve talked about how I was aversed to the idea of the horrendously expensive summer camps. Or rather I was aversed to the idea of paying through the nose for those experiences. Occasionally, (like this very week) I’ll waver and start worrying that I’m not giving little C the exposure to new things or that I’m an inadequate teacher to teach him the basics of many things like chess, sports (like how you are not supposed to kick a ball with your toes), art (my drawings of animals are horrendous!)… like there are so many things that I have no expertise in! I had that mild panic that maybe I’m depriving my son by not signing him up for all kinds of enrichment activities.

Thankfully, I have a husband who can center me and reassure me that our choice to be frugal is right and there is no real need for all the excesses. Plus, he has been through many enrichment as a kid and hated some enough that he thinks it’s mostly hogwash….  Most of the time I agree, like why pay someone to teach coding when we can both code, or attend tedious 3 hour Saturday Chinese lessons when we can learn in smaller chunks every day.calvin-1605_7

Of course, then the onus is on me to actually do the teaching. My days are consumed with learning how to teach various academic and enrichment topics. The good thing is that I truly enjoy it. I enjoy the process of learning new things. I feel really alive and interested when I’m reading about how children learn languages, or what kind of programming lessons I should work on next.

It’s hard to shake off that feeling that maybe it’s better to leave the teaching to ‘experts’ and that I’m actually doing a good enough job in it. That it’s ok for me to choose not to send him to many enrichment activities. That he learns what he needs from spending time together building forts,  crafting, reading together or baking.


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