Baby Tooth and Peer Pressure

Calvin finally lost his first baby tooth today. It has been wobbling precariously for days, hanging on by a thread. His dad kept wanting to pull it off for him. I’m too squeamish to actually do it or to even see it being done and I think little C is just like me in that respect. In fact, we had been expecting his bottom front teeth for months since the dentist saw them growing 5 months ago!

He has been lamenting for the longest time that he wished his teeth would fall out soon so he can ‘catch up’. Or that he was in a class where no one had their teeth out yet. He felt left out when his friends talked about how many of their teeth dropped and he had none yet. I’m bemused that even the number of fallen tooth can be something of contention. I don’t remember caring about it that much when I was young. Maybe it’s because over here they believe in the tooth fairy and the parents would leave gifts or money for their kids. I disabused my son of the notion that there are tooth fairies or Santa for that matter. Yes, I am indeed the practical un-romantic type.

Kids really do try to fit in with their peers. Little C was saying that he started liking Star Wars (only the Lego ones) because all his friends liked it. Even though he sometimes claim that he likes being different from everyone else, it is hard to be too different from your peers. That’s a good reason to make sure he has friends that have good values and are not anti-intellectual.001


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