Exploring New Things

I think the main reason I’m enjoying stay-at-home life so much is that I’ve begun to explore many things I’ve never tried when I was younger. Take cooking and baking for example, I barely had a chance to even watch my mum cook before. I cooked minimally in college especially since there wasn’t a dishwasher. I didn’t even use the oven once.  After cooking almost daily for more than 5 years, I’m starting to really enjoy it now that I have picked up some basic skills and I have more time to try out new things. Including mundane things like cutting hair….

And with Calvin around, I have more incentive to try out new things and explore them with him. Like when we went apple picking, I was probably more excited than he was. Somehow we didn’t think to try that out in our 4 years in upstate NY.

I was just thinking the other day about how limited my resources were when I was staying in the hostel in Singapore. I remember we had to come up with a science project in Sec 2. There weren’t many books in the library that we could easily access. I had no internet at home nor reference books about science etc and of course, no parents whom I could ask. I remember feeling rather dismayed at my lack of ideas and was wondering how others could come up with cool ideas like the pin-hole camera that someone in my class did. In the age of the internet, all these things are so much easier now. Our local is really wonderful and stock all manners of books suitable for kids, from fiction to nonfiction, academic to even manga!!! So now armed with all these resources, I feel ready to learn a whole lot more with my little kiddo. Especially since I am now his main source of enrichment, I’m all ready to go jack- of- all- trades mode.



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