Passionate About Learning

As I read to learn how to best teach little C math, I find myself beside myself in excitement to read about the research on how children (or people in general) learn math. I’m on a path to find new passions so I was happy to note my eagerness to read a bunch of technical writing about math. For a while, I thought maybe I wasn’t really good at math because, in JC, I didn’t find math to be as easy as before. I was obviously in a fixed mindset and did not notice that because I breezed through math in secondary school, I essentially stopped working on it and improving. Surely a true genius won’t need that!

I thought I’d never be a good teacher because in secondary school, I tried to teach a friend my own unique/ creative way of understanding a topic and she seemed even more confused than before. I remember coming away thinking that I can’t be a good teacher. It never occurred to me that with practice, I can become better at teaching.

Oh, how foolish I was then. When I read about the growth mindset mentioned in the previous post, I felt liberated from my self-rejection. Now I truly realize the worth of a mentor/ parent to guide you during that age when I thought I knew all the important things worth knowing and I’m hoping I can provide C with the guidance that I could have benefitted so much from. But to be able to do that, I’ll continue to dig deeper into the art and science of learning. It may end up being a career for me, I do have many more years ahead even after he’s grown, but right now, I’m not going to fret about it and just enjoy the process of discovery.


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