How Are Babies Made?

I didn’t think we’d have to talk about it so soon but my curious 7-year-old asked me something to that effect. I can’t remember his exact words. He followed up by asking me about what I mean when I said we “planned” to have him. I wasn’t quite ready to go into planned parenthood with him. I kinda fudged my way through it by saying that as long as we don’t put in the daddy bits, the egg inside won’t get fertilized and won’t turn into a baby. I promised to borrow a book so I could explain it better….. I got two of those books today so I’ll need to read it first to make sure they are not too explicit.

At any rate, it apparently arose because he was worried about getting a younger sibling. He seems to have been traumatized by how meddlesome little toddlers and younger kids can be. Well, luckily for him, we are all happy with our family size so his wishes will be true.


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