Learning a New Language: Japanese

I tried out Duolingo before, learning a bit of French since I’ve always wished to learn it. This time round, I actually wanted to learn Japanese but they didn’t have a program for it yet so I ended up starting French again for fun. And then I went and looked for other apps to learn Japanese, so I ended up spending the last two days exploring both. Even though French is more widely used and probably more useful to know, I’m much more interested in Japanese because then when we go to Japan again (some day…. hopefully not too far into the future??), I’ll be able to actually read some of the signs!

I’ve learnt some of the katakana previously because we were playing a game in Jap and needed to be able to read the translated names. So now I’m learning the hiragana as well. I’m pretty sure I won’t become fluent via casual self-study but it’s still fun anyway to learn something new.


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