Emotional Control

Little C can have intense emotions. A couple of months ago, he’ll often get so frustrated because things didn’t go the way he planned, that he is totally overwhelmed and start to act out. He also has an oversized fear of death – wondering about what it’ll be like if mum died, or if he died and start to sob about it.

Recently, I’ve felt that he has gotten better control of his emotions. He has learnt strategies to deal with those feelings and to use his brain to rationalise to himself that ‘No, mum is still young and won’t just die’ or ‘There are no monsters hiding in the dark because nothing has ever jumped out so far.’

He has been very proud to tell me that he has learned to deal with one kid in his class, N, who likes to bother him. We concluded that this kid just likes to see his reactions, so lil C said whenever N grabbed him, he’ll stand stock still until N gets bored and walks away.

I feel like he is more open to my criticisms and seem to see it in a positive light and will work on improving his behaviour like washing his hand properly, lifting the potty seat before peeing so I won’t sit on a wet stinky potty seat etc.



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