Calvin’s School Games

Worm Regeneration Center

It was a rainy day and they found some worms on the sidewalk. They decided to “help” them by moving them to a new home amidst and old carpet that has a hole in it?? The worms kept trying to wiggle out so they made some dirt walls to protect the worms while they regenerate.

During those wet weeks, he also came back many days with a totally soaked and muddy shoes. I had to show him how to dry his shoes with stuffed newspapers.

Woodchip wars

This was a rare snowy winter week. The snow had melted and refroze, making great big lumps and sheets of frozen wood chips. That became the coveted booty for 1st graders. They split into two gangs who tried to steal the “loot” from each other.

Boy Alliance

It started with one boy, F, who threw berries at them. One of the boys, K,  suggested to have an alliance instead and fight a common “invisible” enemy. Both K and F wanted to be the commander and lil C mediated by assigning one of them the vice commander role. There are some other ranks with commander troopers and some such. Sounds like C’s job was to relay instructions/ queries from the commander to the troops and vice versa.


He was biking around with his friends after school and really enjoyed it a lot. He said it was the best part of the day. Seems it was even better than getting his new Lego star wars set.

These boyish games are full of imagination. I feel bad for moving him away from this gang of friends that he has gotten to know.




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