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2nd Grade

August 31, 2017

School is starting next week.  I’m starting to feel a little jittery since there are uncertainties to deal with and I’m not good with uncertainties.  Part of it is because I made myself join the PTA but I think it’s probably a good thing for me because I need that push to go socialize with people and actually try to make friends. I have a habit of retreating to my comfy den and staying there otherwise.

This year, I’m hoping I can be relax a little on the math front since his school will be teaching at a level more in line with his Singapore peers. Hopefully, we can work more on Chinese and maybe enroll him in a sport after school. He really needs the physical activity!

Kids Say the Darndest Things

August 21, 2017

“What does this have to do with me?”  – said to two kids who were trying to show off their Lego? to him. They had been pestering him and his best friend to lend them their bikes previously.

“To you, it might be two sticks. To me, it can be a lot of things (looks like a bushman’s bow and arrow?) And what’s it got to do with you, you are not the boss of me.”  – When his dad asked him why he was keeping two ordinary looking sticks and that he shouldn’t bring it inside.

“Mum, I wish I could marry you.” – When he was worrying about whether he’ll find a girl to marry.

“I’m glad you and dad got married. If you married someone else, I might turn out to be a different person.”



August 19, 2017

This summer we’ve started Calvin on the path to learning to swim….. by that I mean, he’s actually not afraid of getting sprayed by the shower, he’s able to dunk his head underwater for all of 2 seconds and that he feels confident that he can learn to swim. Yes, the bar is set rather low but given his previous timidity, this is a big step forward.  He was the kid who never enjoyed the spray parks because he doesn’t like his face getting wet and he’d cling on to us for dear life in pools or just walk around the shallow areas. I contemplated sending him for swim classes but they were a) expensive and b) unlikely to help significantly. In fact, I was worried that he might even be traumatized by unsympathetic instructors or just plainly feel that swimming is boring. In the end, we opted for simply having fun with him in the pool and just waiting for him to be ready.

Well, it’ll still be a while before he’ll be able to swim by himself but at least that’s a start.

Week 8 of Summer Vacation

August 16, 2017

Summer vacation is going by in a flash! And I haven’t even blogged once since school was out. We didn’t send little C for any summer camps this year either with the exception of a PE enrichment camp at his old elementary school. We’ve seen kids at summer camp when we are out and about and it looks more like child care by teenage babysitters. It’s kinda like going with a tour group where you sometimes stop at places you are not interested in and don’t have enough time to spend at your favorites. I’d much rather go free and easy.

But that also means that it’s on me to keep him occupied. Some people might be aghast to find out that little C is doing homework everyday. Not that the tasks are onerous. It’s more helpful for teaching him to concentrate and focus and on getting work done and also learn good study and work habits. It’s also a good time for me to focus on teaching him Chinese and reading more books with him. His conversational Chinese has improved a little. I still have trouble remembering to speak more Chinese with him….

We did have our own summer camp with a wild west theme, went to the zoo 3 times before my membership expires, visited the science museum, went on park playdates twice, rode his bike at least once a week, watched a movie at the theater, went to the library programs (Little Bits circuits, recycled robots, ukelele), went to the beach at carkeek, do a bit of Scratch programming, …

We had a few events by J’s company, joined 2 potlucks with his best friend’s family, going for another BBQ potluck this weekend, went to the seafood fest, went and saw dad play basketball, went on vacation to Lake Quinault…

The rest of the time, he is left to his own devices – making comic books, doing craft,  reading, building Lego creations…

Oh and I’ve gotten him used to doing some chores in the morning after breakfast – feeding the fish and cleaning up the breakfast things (scraping the dishes and loading them into the dishwasher)