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April 8, 2018

I was angry this morning. In fact, I am still angry now but I realized that I am now able to be dispassionately angry, to take myself out of the situation and objectively look at the situation, something I have been unable to do in the past.¬† While I am still unhappy with what happened, I’m also happy with my own growth.

I’ve had to confront my anger many times because of the little guy and every time, I reflect a little on how I could do better. One of the good things about having the time to slow down and read and ruminate is the growth I’ve felt in recent years. When life was hectic and I was distracted by stress, I felt penned in and unable to break out of who I was. I constantly felt like a child stuck in an adult world. And now, I gradually feel like I’ve the liberty to develop my inner self, to work through all the things that have troubled me in the past. I learn to push myself beyond my comfort zone just as I nudge the two boys, big and small, to go beyond their current zone of competencies. It’s scary¬† to try out new things, knowing that it might bring potential unpleasant feelings but it is also great when you’ve braved the beyond and survived.