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Summer so Far

July 31, 2018

We’re enjoying our summer – having playdates, biking, swimming, attended a rock club meeting, played at the beach, wrote books and poems at writing workshops, made a bunch of nuts and bolts sculptures.

Not as much reading got done as I would have liked but I guess we’re busy doing things and enjoying ourselves. At least it hasn’t degenerated to video games everyday to kill the boredom.

We’ve also been working on a bit of programming, practicing his typing and also a lot more Chinese. He can read simple Chinese books with pinyin so I might go on a shopping spree and get more of those for him.

Super embarrassing quote of the month: I have two big balls now instead of a uni-ball.


Summer Crafting

July 24, 2018

Inspired by some souvenirs we saw on our holidays.

Pounces and Snuggles

July 19, 2018

Not sure how this one goes… something like “Papa, when I’m older, you can only pounce on me if we are in a relative’s house or our own home.

Papa is the resident Tigger in the house… always up to some pouncing =_=


July 17, 2018

Is Calvin bringing a chair to sit by the door while he waits for his best friend, W, to arrive for a playdate.

“I’m bored”

July 14, 2018

The inevitable summer boredom set in faster than I thought it would for my little guy. I mean we we’re reading and drawing together in he morning and I stole off to do my own things for just 1.5 hours. And we’ve had a workshop and 2 playdates the last week too. He also has a pile of new books from the library. Well I’ve always said that boredom is the greatest creative booster, so I kinda welcome it but on the other hand, can’t help but want to help him out. I did get him to help me with cleaning up the house this morning so I guess it’s fair that when he asked me to find some pictures of transformers for him, I was happy to oblige.

He was overjoyed and spent the rest of the afternoon making his new computron combined while I busily perusing my new manga. 😙 And I got lots of “I love you, mum” as well. Totally worth it.

Oh and we spent a bit of time free lunch doing a puzzle together.

Yellowstone Road Trip

July 3, 2018

Day 1 To Spokane

5 hour drive to Spokane. Stopped halfway at Ginkgo Petrified State Park. Had some lacklustre burger for lunch. Restaurant had a funny road kill poster – “you kill it, we grill it”. Ate pho for dinner. Swam with Dad.

Day 2 to Missoula

Stopped at gold mine in Kellogg ID and went on a tour and did gold panning (for colorful rocks). Picnic lunch today.

Rode on the carousel and played hide and seek at dragon hollow playground in Missoula. Swam at the hotel with mum playing silly games. Decided he didn’t want his swimming float.

Day 3 to Bozeman

Visited the elk museum and went on the smokejumper tour before leaving for Bozeman.

Stopped to have lunch at Clinton MT at a log cabin restaurant with lots of animal heads hunting trophy. Visited Museum of the Rockies. Very informative backstory to hear w the fossils were found annd impressive array of fossils like the triceratops family. Ate at Applebee’s since the Korean restaurant was closed and sushi was a long wait.

Day 4

Drove in to Yellowstone. Saw bison and a baby bear along the way. Had dinner at the cafeteria which sucked so much ( clueless service people, long lines, dry overcooked food) that we didn’t want to eat at the dining halls for the remaining trip.

Day 5 South Yellowstone

Got lucky and arrived at Old Faithful 15 minutes before eruption. Listened to the ranger talk about rocks and animal skeletons.

Saw the prismatic spring. That was truly beautiful. The pictures of it look so gaudy compared to the real thing. The artist paint pots with the bubbling white/ green/ brown pools were interesting too. Stopped to smell the stinking mud volcano.

Day 6

It was a seriously blistering hot day. Hiked down to lower falls at North rim drive. Picnicked at Roosevelt. Stopped at the ranger museum (small and not much to it). Arrived at mammoth hot springs and saw the terraces in the evening when the tourists we’re gone. Kids spent the remainder of the afternoon feeding the prairie dogs potato chips and playing in the pop-up tent.

Day 7

Spent the morning white water rafting. It was fun though I was worried about flipping over in the fast flowing (cold) waters and seasickness. The morning started out rainy but the clouds broke as we were rafting. The scenery was great (river, mountains, greenery) and I left the raft with a wobbly water filled boot.

Had pizza for lunch. After cobbling together sandwiches and instant rice, it was so good.

Lamar valley in the afternoon wasn’t as exciting. More bison (though one did pass us by on the road right by our car. It had cute baby cow eyes), some black bear (ambling nearby as cars slowed to a stop). It did make me want to go back to the zoo to see some of the animals up close.

Day 8

Had lunch at Gardiner while waiting for Natalie to be done with zip-lining. Bison burger kinda tasted like beef. Calvin got an interesting rock slice from grandma.

Got to Bozeman and visited the American computer museum. It was small but had some cool old devices and computers in it. Got a circuit board bag tag as a souvenir.

Went swimming together with the cousins. Calvin can swim a little now, doggy paddle style. He held his breath for 10 seconds underwater.

Finally ate at that Korean restaurant. Bulgogi was good.

Day 9 To Butte

Went to Crystal park and dug out quite a lot of quartz points. They were small but it was fun to find them. Grabbed a Subway sandwich for lunch along the way.

Stayed at Butte for the night. Pasty shop wasn’t open for dinner so got Hardee’s burgers instead. So sick of fast food and burgers…

Day 10 to Spokane

Doing a 5 hr drive to Spokane. Stopped at an Asian restaurant at Missoula that served rendang, bento and ramen. Missoula looked like an interesting town.

Stopped at the 50000 silver dollar gift shop. It was super kitschy. My mission to find interesting, meaningful and semi-useful souvenirs failed. Or maybe that’s an oxymoron.

Finally reached Spokane and ate pho again.

Day 11 Back to Seattle

Stopped at Moses lake to pickup some gourmet sandwiches for a picnic at a state park at Ellensburg. Still about 3 hrs to home. We reached at 3pm so it wasn’t as bad as we had feared.