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State of Chinese Learning

August 25, 2018

I’m glad that he’s been speaking more Chinese this summer. He was very proud to show off his Chinese to the grandparents and has been real nding to me in grammatically correct Chinese. He is also interested in reading pinyin books with me. We’ve been watching a lot of Doraemon this summer. I guess I’m doing something right 😀


August 14, 2018

I guess my nickname should be naggy the naga. I felt like I’ve been nagging him quite a bit recently and feel quite terrible about it. On the one hand, it is really annoying when he repeats the same mistakes over and over again, without showing any desire to change what did not work. But I think maybe he just doesn’t know how to express himself (plus maybe he really doesn’t want to work hard on it right now).  But I think I might be overreacting, thinking the worst of what’s actually happening.  It makes me lose patience with him which I do not enjoy either. It makes us both unhappy.

But how do I teach him to be responsible for what he does? He silly brain thinks up all kinda of things to do and it creates big messes that he can’t deal with himself and I end up having to clean up his mess which really annoys me.

I’m just having a hard time teaching him things that would make his life easier. Like I’ve been telling him to work on cleaning up efficiently (using two hands instead of one) and sorting his Lego tub. Firstly, he goes back to his own habit when I’m not watching and when I do watch and remind him, he kinda ignores me and continue on doing his own way.

Well, first let’s calm myself down first and see how things go.


House Guests

August 9, 2018

I’m pretty terrible at entertaining guests I think. We just had grandparents over for a week but I’m all tired out from going out and planning meals. Just want to have my peace and quiet, a book and my nice comfy couch nest.

We did get to see something cool today though, a seal in the salmon ladder pouncing on salmon!