We have been talking about deliberate practice recently – practice where you work on improving one skill instead of mindlessly repeating what you have always done. This started because of his inefficient karate practices at home, where he would go through the motions but don’t really improve. So I started reading this book called Practice Perfect, which I think was written with teachers in mind, and I really liked one of the lines they repeatedly use “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent”. I shared that with him and we’ve been working on tighter goals for shorter practice sessions, so we can celebrate hitting mini milestones. At the end of the day, we hope he will gain satisfaction from the hard work of learning.

In the book, it also talked about teachers not having the time to get deliberate practice and I think the same goes for me too. I’m so involved in teaching and experiencing that I need to reflect more and practice how to stay calm in the face of his resistance, though I’m not sure how exactly I would do that. Maybe we would have do-overs for me when I lose my temper.

For now, I think I’d really want to work on having a good routine at home and start planning my day more.

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