More on Practice

Calvin’s karate practices have been going well recently. We do targeted practice the moves that we notice are imperfect, and the practices actually have objectives before we start. I find that it does require more work from me. We are going to go through more of the basics as well as his belt test materials. The good thing is that he looks more focused and not so floppy when doing karate.

I liked the idea that we should be focusing on the most important 20% of the skills at the moment. For karate, that would be his basic moves and for math, the multiplication table until we reach automaticity for both. For Chinese, we’ll work on more vocabulary, which means I need to read our book first and pick out words to highlight. I should also teach him proper pinyin sounds for the ones he has trouble with like the x and z sounds.

For myself, I probably need practice with keeping calm when he makes mistakes. Maybe I should write some scenarios for myself to role play 😂

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