Buying a Home?

We have been rethinking whether we should buy a home recently. The property market here isn’t quite as crazy recently and we are on our way to getting permanent residence. as our life here stabilizes, our thoughts turned to well….settling down.

There are just so many factors to consider, not wanting to change schools yet again, commute, neighbourhood vibe (quiet will be great as long as I don’t see sketchy people…) and of course price. At least I’m now more certain that we won’t be moving back to Asia anytime soon because job prospects and pay would be much worse. It is a big commitment and I’ve been reluctant to do all the work/research required to make sure we make a good decision. Horror stories of houses that need a lot of repairs have been haunting me. We are not handy either…. I didn’t even know how to change the ceiling light bulbs. That adds a lot more uncertainty to home ownership especially since the houses around here are usually pretty old.

So I guess we’ll keep an eye out for something that suits us but right now, I still don’t feel like I’m aching to own something.

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