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Turning 9

November 25, 2018

It seemed like not too long ago when I thought it would be ages before he turns ten but here we are, at the cusp of it.

He’s a sweet boy who is full of creative ideas. My job would be to help him learn how to put those ideas to work and learn to break them down into easier steps.

He loves to draw and create. Over the summer, he made dozens of his own Transformers out of Lego. At the beginning of the school year, he was creating a whole army of origami star wars characters.

He’s growing more confident in his math though it is still not his favorite, but again I recall that I only came to really enjoy math in the upper elementary years. I think it was algebra that really spoke to me. He definitely needs a lot more practice. Guess I’ll have to go all tiger mum and drill him where needed.

Physically, he has learned to jump rope recently and I’m really proud of him. He has also grown a lot taller, though still thin and long like his dad. I’m not sure how all the food really fit in that thin body….

He worked really hard on the things I tell him about. He has been putting in more serious karate practice. He asked the office and bus driver many times for his missing lunchbox, even though it was never found.

His Chinese is getting better as well though we still haven’t managed any conversation in it beyond really simple sentences. I’m focused more on his reading since I think with the proper vocabulary, the spoken language will come easier? I probably really should put in more effort to do conversations with him though. But just today, he told a silly Chinese story about everyone on top of each other and it actually made sense!

It’s funny that he told his teacher that he has adhd because I said he has trouble focusing even when he was trying to. It’s something we are working on and I’m trying to find ways to snap him back without myself losing it. On the other hand, I’m kinda like that too and I’ve been wondering if I have ADD all this while. But… I’ve also read that giftedness manifests in similar ways so it seems like it is hard to tell which one it is. At the end of the day, it’s really more about dealing with it regardless of the label. His teacher did say that he seems more easily distracted compared to a typical kid.

We have a few more spats this year as well when I feel like his attitude needed working and he was upset that I lost my patience and raised my voice. We worked things out in the end but I can see us having similar problems as he moves into the tween/ teen years. On the other hand, he’s quite willing to talk it over with me and reexamine his actions and attitude.

He is a sensible kid and is proud of his own healthy eating habits.

He still sometimes like to try and get out of trouble. Like the time he tried to sneak past me with dark chocolate tucked in his cheek.

As he grows older I worry that he would stop listening to me and let his impulses take over. He certainly doesn’t show the best judgement.