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CNY Passed

February 26, 2019

This CNY I made the effort to have some food/ treats that we used to eat or that other Chinese people at, like agar and pineapple tarts and homemade dumplings. For dinner, we got roast duck and roast pork from our usual nearby Chinese restaurant. Me and Calvin did some paper cutting with little piggies for decoration. I got the template online and they turned out really well. And of course, not forgetting the most important ang pow.

I’ve been reminiscing about my own Chinese New Years in the past. We used to do quite a bit of visiting but all I remember from them was gorging on normally forbidden treats and lots of boring adult conversation. On the eve of CNY, me and my siblings would spend our time making decorations, probably in part to get us out of my mum’s way while she cooks and prays. We would also go for a cheesy Chinese New Year Stephen Chow movie that my dad will complain about after. To be honest, I’m not sure what else I could do to pass on the culture. The culture is pretty diluted in me as it is. I think my sister is more deeply steeped in it since her friends and surroundings are more traditional. My brother doesn’t really care, I think.

Well, I guess I tried my best to give him a feel of what CNY is like. We were telling him old stories of what we did etc but I guess he’ll probably be more familiar with American culture and traditions at the end of the day. (I don’t think J particularly cares either way)

Awww…things to remember

February 4, 2019

Calvin said “Mum listens to me and make me feel proud of what I did.”

Mum: (takes he opportunity to toss in a lesson) Well sometimes, I try to listen even if I’m not super interested. That helps you be a good friend. (Hmm is that like hinting to him that I’m not really interested in what he does?!?)

Pet Mice

February 4, 2019

We got two pet mice at the beginning of the year. In fact, the day we got back from our Joshua Tree vacation. One (very) big kid was eager to get them so we did.

They are so cute though and now when we read about pet hamster/ guinea pigs and mice, I can’t help but think about our own two ladies. I was just thinking if I had a pet diary, this week it would read something like this.

Thursday: got them a running fly wheel. Tails (the greedy one) seems to like it. Rings warmed up to it later and was totally in love with it.

Friday: They both love it so much, they are both running on it at the same time. Is it my imagination, or is the water getting drunk faster than before?

Saturday: Pee-ewww! Their bedding stinks a big one. Changed it all out again. Do they get disoriented when their sleeping arrangements change every week? Gave them lots of treats after to placate them.

Sunday: What the…. The ladies have 💩 pooped all over the wheel. What have they been doing all night?