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Struggles of Staying Home

April 30, 2019

While I enjoy staying at home and how it’s a good choice for our family, I can’t help but feel like I was a waste of educational resources and not valued by society. Not that I truly care about or think that people look down on me, or that I hope I will be venerated for my ‘sacrifice’. I think I’m more worried about what would happen if I had to look for a job for whatever reason. Because despite my education, I feel like I won’t be able to enter a more intellectual job that I’m qualified for. Or maybe I’m overthinking things because in America, ageism isn’t actually as pronounced as in Asia. (My brother recently left his job, and I worry about whether he’ll be able to find a new job since his well past 40s.)

I guess if nothing else, I should be able to get a teacher certification and teach math. When I was younger, I remember thinking about how absolutely rubbish I was at teaching because it was all so intuitive to me that all I could say was “You just do this.” That probably put an end to that childhood dream of being a teacher and making red check marks all over some kid’s homework. I have been getting better now that I realize that as with most things, teaching is a skill you have to learn. Little C is my guinea pig of course but I think we’ve been doing well so far.

The good thing is after typing it out, I kinda figured out what was troubling me and I feel much better about the choice that I made. I find it silly that I have trouble sorting out the thoughts in my brain and frequently would need to write things down and everything will suddenly seem a lot clearer. I guess my new strategy of giving feedback to C makes sense: I hold back from making negative comments right away (if I can), and then think over it and write it down on a post- it for later discussion. That way, I can concisely summarize the problem and not lose that little guy’s limited attention span over a long winded discussion.



April 24, 2019

We don’t own a house yet but I’m definitely learning new housekeeping skills. Our sink was almost clogged. Water was barely flowing through it. Today, I finally managed to remove the sink stopper (this one is held on by a clip under the sink) and cleaned out all the gunk and hair stuck in it. I made sure to watch a video on how to remove and put it back and also took pictures of what it looked like before so I could easily put it back. So now, the sink is working beautifully again, and I’m feeling all proud.

I think we are definitely ideal tenants who take good care of the apartment. Plus, who else would put up with all the screaming and stomping from the terrors upstairs? I’m still unsure about whether we will buy a house. I’m reluctant to move for now since he’s enjoying school so much. The logical time to move would probably be in another 2 years when he’s ready to go to middle school.

‘Our’ Crow

April 23, 2019

This is the crow we know as ‘kaukaka’, so called because it tends to do this rattling call instead of just the usual caws. It hangs around our bus stop with two other crows. Just thinking it’s funny that we notice nature so much more compared to when we were in Singapore.

Spring Break – Portland

April 17, 2019

We spent a few days in Portland. We went to a fort and museum related to the Oregon Trail and those ended up being a highlight of our trip. We made candles, saw the blacksmiths at work and some nifty carpentry.

We also checked out the super big Powell’s book store but looking at the prices, I think I’m fine sticking with borrowing books from the library. And we got donuts from the famous Voodoo donuts. And finally, here’s a donut that doesn’t make me feel nauseus after eating two bites. In fact, I finished the whole thing and was perfectly fine after that. Perhaps that is testament that they use good ingredients?

We also saw the Pixar exhibit at the science center and that was pretty cool as well. It was a shirt holiday but turned out to be pretty fun. I definitely prefer road trips to flights right now. The hours spent just getting to and from the airport is such a big pain. Plus, it’s kinda interesting to explore surrounding states and cities.


April 3, 2019

I’ve been really thinking about giving little C more autonomy over his life recently. I was reading the book “The Self Driven Child” and it basically talks about how we as parents should focus on enjoying our time with our kids first and allow them more control over their lives to encourage intrinsic motivation.

I like the idea of the parent as a consultant and collaborator rather than an enforcer of rules. I’ve been thinking more about letting him take charge of more things like when he starts his clean up and what work we would do for the next few weeks.

More Tube Changing

April 1, 2019

We wanted to go bike riding yesterday after dinner but unfortunately, found another flat tire, on his bike this time.

I was glad that I learned to patch the inner tube the first time. It still took a good hour to get it all done since there were some extra screws on his bike that we didn’t notice before. So we didn’t manage to go riding.

Little C was understandably upset. I managed to talk about how it must feel disappointing because this is the second time we were looking forward to riding and couldn’t because of a flat tire and thought about how we might find out earlier. We came up with checking the bikes after our ride, which is probably a really good idea. He was visibly comforted after that. Maybe it was that feeling of being able to control our future outings?

Anyway, this morning, I woke up and found that the tire was flat AGAIN! Took it apart and found that it had another hole on the inside of the inner tube….

It might be a good idea to get some spares tubes that we can just switch to when we find a flat and then do the patching another day. The good thing is that both our bikes use the same sized wheels.

I’m feeling handy!