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Happy Baby

January 22, 2011

Calvin woke up at 5:30am today, all chirpy and ready to start the day. In fact, he has been pretty chipper for the past few days. When we pick him up from day care, he will give a distress cry when he first sees us, as if saying “I missed you guys!” and when we carry him out of the daycare, he’ll grin happily. He seems to be adapting well to the daycare environment – he’s eating well, sleeping decently and probably playing hard. (He gets to play with bubbles, walk around lots, join the Kindermusic classes…) Perhaps the detailed cheat sheet that I gave them earlier this week helped. He still doesn’t eat the school’s porridge though so I’m preparing his food to bring to school every day.

He’s a really giggly baby now. He will imitate us when we smack our lips together and giggle hard when I come after him smacking my lips. He loves it when we pounce on him or play peekaboo.

I can see his inquisitive mind at work as well when he experiments with shaking his rattle in a certain way to make the sound, drop things to see what sound they make and generally turning everything new around for a thorough inspection.

He’s eating solids well now. His meals are now soft porridge with carrots, sweet potato/pumpkin and some protein like yoghurt (I know it sounds strange….but he likes it) or tofu. Haven’t really given him meat yet, except what’s in those Heinz jar foods that he was eating previously. Now that I’ve gotten the knack of feeding him, this weekend’s feeding was a breeze. His preference it seems is to eat some of the food from my fingers. Maybe he likes to see the mess I make… We’ve also been giving him random food stuff that we are eating because he will look eagerly at us for a share. So today, he had scrambled eggs with butter and small chunks of orange. No oily, salty unhealthy food of course though given our own eating habits it seems like it’s a matter of time before he learns of the ‘magic’ known as McDs. Haven’t been able to take many pictures of him nor have the time to upload pictures… Life at work is kinda hectic as I’m still adjusting to the routine work as well as preparing for a paper submission.


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