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The Deadly Stomach Flu

March 23, 2011

So not only did it hit Calvin, both me and Johnny are down with it as well. The good news is little Calvin seems to have recovered. I, on the other hand, threw up dinner yesterday and went to bed with nothing more than 2 measly pieces of biscuit because that’s all my stomach would take. Not having enough rest is definitely deadly to the body. After carrying him up and down the stairs for the umpteenth time yesterday, I was breaking out in sweat every time from sheer exhaustion. I mean it had to wait till Johnny was in reservist and is unable to come back when all these things strike…Talk about luck.

I’m a lot better after turning in early yesterday and taking a good nap in the morning. But my appetite could still do with some improvement. To think that kids on average get stomach flu 2 times a year and coughs/colds 12 times…. I’m not sure how I’m gonna cope with that if I were all by myself. Hopefully if I can stay home with him, he will be sick less often. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

On the other hand, I definitely see how a good insurance plan for kids is really worthwhile. Especially after the 4hr and 2 hr wait at KKH a&e this week. There were just so many kids!